Books published by Arrow

I Know What I Saw

Nicola may not be able to forgive her ex for his affair, but she won’t watch him go down for a murder he couldn’t possibly have committed.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Kati Barr-Taylor

When You See Me

Detective DD Warren needs a full team when a body is found in the hills outside Niche, because this discovery points to the serial kidnapper, Jacob Ness.

Reviewed on 23 October 2021 by Kati Barr-Taylor


The death of a reclusive hoarder triggers a reappraisal of an FBI cold case involving the abduction of an heiress and the theft of two valuable paintings. Fresh evidence leads the investigators to the door of the rich, violent, amoral Win.

Reviewed on 21 August 2021 by Linda Wilson

Private Moscow

One of PI Jack Morgan’s oldest friends is shot dead at his company’s New York public launch. In Moscow an office worker is murdered in a bomb blast. Morgan finds a link and exposes a deadly conspiracy.

Reviewed on 22 May 2021 by John Cleal

The Kingfisher Secret

Journalist Grace Elliot seeks to revitalise a flagging career with a biography, but her subject has secrets that are well protected.

Reviewed on 24 April 2021 by Chris Roberts

Come Back For Me

Questions compel Stella to return to the island when she sees the TV report that someone has found a body at the bottom of her childhood garden.

Reviewed on 22 August 2020 by Kati Barr-Taylor

When I Lost You

Crime analyst Carla Brown must help the police team find out if the baby’s murderer is her mother, or if an even more sinister crime has taken place.

Reviewed on 12 October 2019 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Darkest Truth

Young lawyer Finola Fitzpatrick receives an emotional appeal from a father to investigate his daughter’s suicide – and the man who he believes caused it.

Reviewed on 07 September 2019 by Chris Roberts


Britain in 1938 holds its breath as Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minster, negotiates with Adolf Hitler to resolve the crisis of Hitler’s intention to invade Czechoslovakia. Two friends from Oxford, one German and one British, are involved in the discussion that take place in Munich.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by John Barnbrook

The Temptation of Forgiveness

An elderly man is discovered seriously injured at the foot of some steps down to a canal. By chance his wife has just spoken with Inspector Brunetti about the possibility of her son taking drugs. Are the two incidents connected?

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Sylvia Maughan

The Silent Girl

Leading criminal profiler Sebastian Bergman again joins Riksmord, the national police homicide unit based in Stockholm, to search for a killer who has gunned down a whole family in a small, quiet Swedish town.

Reviewed on 04 August 2018 by Ewa Sherman

Look For Me

Out of the family of five, four are dead. The hunt is on for the survivor and two blind dogs, but no one knows if the girl is a victim or a murderer.

Reviewed on 21 July 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Walls

Kristy Tucker loved Lance once. Now, her only way to stop the fear is with his murder.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor


Homicide detective Frank Bennet should be grateful for his new partner, but he senses she is even more dangerous than the serial killer they are trying to bring down.

Reviewed on 31 March 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Innocent Man

A true account of how an innocent man was convicted of rape and murder, and ended up on death row.

Reviewed on 28 October 2017 by Kim Fleet

The Shimmering Road

Charlie Cates’ mother and sister have been murdered, leaving a legacy she cannot ignore.

Reviewed on 19 August 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Killer on the Wall

The three villagers leaning up against Hadrian’s wall could have been asleep, but even from a distance, 15-year-old Isla Bell knew they were dead.

Reviewed on 10 August 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Crimson Lake

He was in prison for 241 days, she for ten years. But which side of the law are they on?

Reviewed on 14 July 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor


Ten years ago, two six-year-old boys were kidnapped. Now one of them has been found and reunited with his family. But the search for the second boy continues.

Reviewed on 08 July 2017 by Linda Wilson

The Missing Hours

Selena Cole disappears leaving her two young daughters alone in a playground. Meanwhile, on an isolated mountain road, the body of a young man is found. Against a background of commercial kidnap and rescue work, the police investigation leads to some surprising connections.

Reviewed on 27 May 2017 by John Barnbrook

The Waters of Eternal Youth

Commissario Brunetti is asked to investigate the case of a young girl who nearly drowned 15 years ago. Brain damage has left her trapped in the mindset of the young girl. He must find out how she came to be in the water, and whether she fell or was pushed

Reviewed on 27 May 2017 by Sylvia Maughan

Speaking in Bones

Some bones found near a remote mountain beauty spot lead forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan into an investigation into a young woman’s disappearance.

Reviewed on 14 April 2017 by Linda Wilson

Baby Doll

Lily escapes with her daughter after eight years in captivity, to find her fight for survival has only just begun.

Reviewed on 01 April 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Man Who Wasn't There

The long-buried bodies of six people are found in a mountain grave. The Criminal Investigation Department from Stockholm, including brilliant but arrogant profiler Sebastian Bergman, is called to the scene.

Reviewed on 01 April 2017 by Ewa Sherman


Janey Carlton has been killed by her own car, stolen by a junkie mugger. When her murder remains unsolved after three years, her brothers and her widower set out to gain revenge.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by John Cleal

House of Bones

Catherine Berlin is asked to locate the victim of an attack by a schoolboy, a Chinese orphan in whom both the British establishment and the Chinese government have an interest.

Reviewed on 07 January 2017 by Chris Roberts

Dark Corners

Carl, a young writer, sells a friend some slimming pills which inadvertently cause her death – then blackmail and murder follow.

Reviewed on 15 October 2016 by Sharon Wheeler

The People v. O.J. Simpson

A detailed analysis of the infamous trial of a much-feted sports star for the murder of his ex-wife and a friend, a signal event in recent US history.

Reviewed on 30 August 2016 by Chris Roberts


A gunman stalks the wards of a hospital. Two members of a police firearms unit assigned to find him are recently reinstated after being investigated for shooting a teenage boy. The third has his own problems. As the stress mounts, death is only the pull of a trigger away.

Reviewed on 23 July 2016 by John Cleal

By Its Cover

A theft of pages torn from some ancient books is reported by a library in Venice. Commissario Brunetti is called in to investigate. The suspicion is that an American researcher may be involved.

Reviewed on 12 September 2015 by Sylvia Maughan

Darkness, Darkness

Charlie Resnick, in semi-retirement, is called back to help with the investigation into the killing of a young woman during the miners’ strike of 30 years before.

Reviewed on 12 September 2015 by John Cleal


Coroner Dr Mike Wilson is dragged into a morass of corruption and killing as he conducts an inquest into the apparent suicide of the drug-addicted son of a government minister.

Reviewed on 20 June 2015 by John Cleal


When a sniper ambushes a motorcade of Russian security force members, Ryan Drake has to decide how far he’ll go to protect Anya, the woman he once had to break out of a top security prison.

Reviewed on 21 March 2015 by Linda Wilson

Until You're Mine

Zoe Harper appears to be the perfect live-in nanny for Claudia Morgan-Brown’s twin stepsons and soon to be born baby.  But Zoe is not what she seems.  What is she after and is it related to the nearby attacks on two pregnant girls?

Reviewed on 20 September 2014 by Sylvia Wilson

The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken

When the father of a top Pakistani cricketer is poisoned at a post-match dinner in Delhi, the clues appear to point Most Private Investigator Vish Puri towards an international illegal betting syndicate, but is there a more personal motive behind the killing?

Reviewed on 23 August 2014 by Sylvia Wilson

The New Watch

A new type of Other is stalking the world, threatening not only the Light and the Dark, but also the Twilight itself. It’s up to Higher Light Magician Anton Gorodetsky to see what can be done to neutralise this threat.

Reviewed on 09 August 2014 by Linda Wilson

River of the Dead

A serial killer who mutilates his victims has been operating for more than 20 years, targeting ten-year-old boys. The killings continue, and then homicide detective Alex Hemingway herself becomes a target.

Reviewed on 19 April 2014 by John Cleal

The Jewels of Paradise

A young musicology researcher is employed to assess the value of the contents of two trunks belonging to the Baroque composer, Agostino Steffani. Her investigations uncover a tale of 17th century murder and intrigue.

Reviewed on 08 March 2014 by Sylvia Wilson


Ryan Drake and his Shepherd team specialize in finding people and bringing them back. This time they’re off to Afghanistan to bring back a senior CIA operative held by insurgents.

Reviewed on 22 February 2014 by Linda Wilson

Wrapped in White

PI John Craine takes on the case of the brutal homosexual killing of a young Somali which the boy’s aunt insists the police are trying to cover up. He’s plunged irretrievably into a world of drink, drugs, corruption and violence – before coming face to face with a dark spectre from his past.

Reviewed on 25 January 2014 by John Cleal

The Kennedy Conspiracy

Who killed John F Kennedy? A British journalist was there and saw it happen.  He subsequently overhears something that put his own life and that of others in danger. The truth must come out.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sylvia Maughan

The Kings of Cool

Ben and Chon are two young dudes making a good living out of growing premium grade marijuana, but their success attracts sharks.

Reviewed on 16 November 2013 by Chris Roberts