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The Cheerleaders

Monica has never believed that her sister committed suicide, and she’s equally certain that the truth has never been told about a double murder and a car crash that shocked her home town to its core five years ago.

Reviewed on 23 October 2021 by Linda Wilson

Forever Ends on Friday

Jamal and Q used to be best friends until something came between them. When Q dies, an experimental procedure gives Jamal gives an unexpected chance to put things right between them. But how can he tell his friend that not only is he dead, but that he will also soon die again?

Reviewed on 21 August 2021 by Linda Wilson

Boy Queen

When Robin Cooper’s world falls apart after he’s rejected by the drama school he’s desperate to get into, he finds unexpected happiness in glitter, glamour and the world of drag.

Reviewed on 31 October 2020 by Linda Wilson

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is a fantasy theme park, home to hybrids, living creatures, some extinct, some rare and some human. The Fantasists are beautiful hybrid women, designed as perfect hosts but are they capable of murder?

Reviewed on 23 May 2020 by John Barnbrook


1798. Paris is on the brink of revolution. Camille Durbonne, struggling to pay food and rent, plays a dangerous game on the filthy streets and in the glittering courts.

Reviewed on 27 July 2019 by Linda Wilson

Kick the Moon

Ilyas Mian wants to draw comic book heroes rather than work in his dad’s shop but until he meets Kelly Mathews, Ilyas keeps his ambition to himself. Kelly understands him like no one else, but unfortunately, she’s attracted to Ilyas’ friend Imran, and doesn’t listen to the warnings she’s given about him.

Reviewed on 11 May 2019 by Linda Wilson

My Secret YouTube Life

Lily has everything – the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend, three million followers on YouTube but, unseen by her fans, Lily’s life is starting to unravel.

Reviewed on 09 February 2019 by Linda Wilson

My Box-Shaped Heart

Girl meets boy, but they both have secrets, some darker than others.

Reviewed on 15 September 2018 by Linda Wilson

Boy Meets Hamster

Dylan Kershaw is having to put up with the Holiday From Hell, with added hamsters. But the hot boy in the caravan next door is some consolation. Now all Dylan has to do is get Jayden-Lee to take notice of him.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

I Am Thunder

Fifteen-year-old Muzna wants to be a writer. Her Pakistani-born parents want her to be a doctor. When the hottest boy in her new school starts to pay attention to her, Muzna can’t believe her luck, but all good things come at a price..

Reviewed on 28 April 2018 by Linda Wilson


Every other year since Min turned eight, she’s been hunted and killed by a sinister man in black. Every time, she wakes up, alive and unhurt, but knowing the nightmare was real, and it isn’t ending any time soon.

Reviewed on 20 January 2018 by Linda Wilson

The Butterfly Tattoo

Chris Marshall has a part-time job working for the Oxford Entertainment Company, in the town where he lives. As a result, while working at a college ball, he encounters and helps a beautiful girl and their lives become interlinked

Reviewed on 16 December 2017 by John Barnbrook


The ferries that take the dead to their onward destinations have stopped running and the souls of the dead are mounting up, with nowhere to go. It’s up to 17-year-old Pierce Oliviera, the new consort of the Lord of the Underworld, to restore order.

Reviewed on 02 January 2016 by Linda Wilson

Young Sherlock: Night Break

Young Sherlock returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother and trouble doesn’t take long to seek him out when his sister’s fiancé disappears without trace.

Reviewed on 12 December 2015 by Linda Wilson

The Snake Trap

Travis Delaney has been kidnapped by terrorists and has to work with a man he hates in order to survive.

Reviewed on 24 October 2015 by Linda Wilson


Adam thought he was finished with adventure when he turned 13, but when bad things start to happen to people he’s connected with, his life is about to be turned upside down again.

Reviewed on 24 January 2015 by Linda Wilson

Young Sherlock: Stone Cold

Sherlock has been sent to Oxford to catch up on his studies but, along with his friend Matty, they’re soon caught up in a mystery involving missing body parts.

Reviewed on 13 December 2014 by Linda Wilson

The Danger Game

A routine enquiry for Delaney & Co leads to a brutal beating for one of their employees and takes Travis deep into the world of gang warfare on the Slade Lane estate.

Reviewed on 01 November 2014 by Linda Wilson

Lost Worlds 2: Shadow Creatures

In the search for new DNA and a cure for his paralysis, Calum Challenger and his friends plan to hunt down a shadowy creature in Hong Kong. But when Calum's taken hostage and taken to New Mexico, no one knows he's gone. And he's not the only one in trouble.

Reviewed on 18 October 2014 by Linda Wilson


When Kieran discovers the body of a homeless man in the river, everyone seems determined to put this down to nothing more than an accident, but he’s sure there’s more to the man’s death than that.

Reviewed on 04 October 2014 by Linda Wilson

Young Gifted and Dead

When a teenager at an exclusive boarding school, St Jude’s Academy, is found dead in a lake in the grounds, the school is keen for her death to be judged a suicide. But one of the dead girl’s roommates isn’t so sure. Is there more to Alyssa’s death than meets the eye?

Reviewed on 28 June 2014 by Linda Wilson

The Ultimate Truth

Travis Delaney’s parents have been killed in a car crash. At the funeral, Travis is convinced he’s being watched and his attempts to get to the bottom of that mystery are going to prove to be dangerous.

Reviewed on 19 April 2014 by Linda Wilson

Saving Silence

When Imogen saves Sam from a hit and run, her problems are only just starting. She has information someone wants and they’re quite willing to resort to violence to get it off her.

Reviewed on 05 April 2014 by Linda Wilson


Most boys can expect a present of some sort when they turn 14, but in Adam’s case he’ll be lucky to be still alive. The People, and their sinister leader, Coron, are after Adam, and they’re very ruthless indeed.

Reviewed on 22 March 2014 by Linda Wilson

Young Sherlock Holmes: Knife Edge

Sherlock has nearly found his way back to England after his adventures in the Far East, but before he gets home, he has to stop over a little longer that he intended in Ireland to help his brother Mycroft investigate the strange case of a man who claims he can talk to the dead.

Reviewed on 08 March 2014 by Linda Wilson

Lost Worlds

Calum Challenger is in search of the Almasti, a creature unrecognised by science which is believed to live in the wilds of the Caucasus mountains. With the help of a motley bunch of allies, he goes up against a shadowy corporation in a race to find them first.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Linda Wilson