Books published by Vintage

The Glass Kingdom

After defrauding her New York employer, Sarah takes refuge in a crumbling tower complex in Bangkok. The people she meets seem friendly, but she has the impression that someone is watching her.

Reviewed on 25 September 2021 by Chris Roberts

Don't Turn Around

Cait and Rebecca are strangers. But within hours, they realise they must trust one another to survive.

Reviewed on 21 August 2021 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Sandpit

Writer John Dyer’s meeting with an Iranian nuclear scientist, the father of one of his son’s schoolfriends, plunges him into a dangerous world of power, espionage and violence when the man and his son disappear.

Reviewed on 24 July 2021 by John Cleal

From the Shadows

A serial killer is stalking the Scottish glens, leaving mutilated bodies carefully posed with a macabre memento. DI Monica Kennedy needs to track down whoever is responsible before the deaths mount up even further.

Reviewed on 31 October 2020 by Linda Wilson

Machines Like Me

Charlie spends his large inheritance on Adam, a newly developed synthetic human, one of only 25 made. Adam integrates himself into the life of Charlie and his new girlfriend Miranda. But Miranda has secrets and Adam is limitlessly curious and well-equipped to solve problems.

Reviewed on 31 July 2020 by John Barnbrook


Inspector Macbeth is the best cop, able to clean up any mess, such as a drug bust turned into a bloodbath. He’s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past.

Reviewed on 13 October 2018 by Ewa Sherman


A mother and her five-year-old child are found murdered in an abandoned caravan. Chief Inspector Konrad Sejer believes that the killing has been planned but the initial investigation leads nowhere.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Ewa Sherman

The Thirst

A woman is found dead after a Tinder date, and marks left on her body indicate that the killer used iron teeth to kill her, and then drink her blood. Oslo’s ex-detective Harry Hole reluctantly gets involved in a search for a vampirist.

Reviewed on 20 January 2018 by Ewa Sherman

So Say The Fallen

DCI Serena Flanagan follows her instincts as she investigates the apparent suicide of a wealthy disabled man.

Reviewed on 25 November 2017 by John Cleal

Watch Her Disappear

DI Zigic and DS Ferreira of the Peterborough Hate Crimes unit are on the hunt for the killer of a transgender woman.

Reviewed on 28 October 2017 by Linda Wilson

The Crow Girl

A gruesome discovery leads Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg into a horrendous world of abuse of trafficked children, and also into a personal and professional relationship with a psychotherapist working with young victims of abuse.

Reviewed on 22 July 2017 by Ewa Sherman

The Other Son

Sophie Brinkmann is an ordinary nurse who regrets falling in love with the major crime lord Hector Guzman. But following a vicious attack he is left in coma and she has to take control of his empire, as both his friends and enemies won’t leave her in peace.

Reviewed on 18 February 2017 by Ewa Sherman

A Body in Barcelona

Detective Max Camera is assigned to the murder of a boy, son of a supermarket magnate. He receives information from a source high-up in a government intelligence agency, but is he being manipulated?

Reviewed on 17 September 2016 by Chris Roberts

Dear Daughter

A technical miscarriage of justice frees wild child Janie Jenkins from prison where she is serving life for killing her socialite mother and she sets out to discover the real murderer.

Reviewed on 03 September 2016 by John Cleal

Reykjavík Nights

A homeless alcoholic man is found drown in a shallow pond on the outskirts of Reykjavik. A young woman disappeared while walking home from a club. Erlendur Sveinsson is just a traffic cop…

Reviewed on 24 October 2015 by Ewa Sherman

To the Top of the Mountain

It’s summer in Stockholm. The A-Unit has been disbanded, and its former members are disillusioned. Detective Paul Hjelm and his team race against time while investigating three separate cases.

Reviewed on 29 August 2015 by Ewa Sherman

The House on the Hill

A young runaway who contacts disillusioned DCI Billy McCartney brings back memories of his most traumatic case – and a renewed pursuit of a ruthless drugs gang.

Reviewed on 01 August 2015 by John Cleal

The Quick

When Charlotte Norbury travels to London to find her younger brother who has disappeared, she finds herself involved with a mysterious vampire society.

Reviewed on 18 July 2015 by John Cleal


A woman’s body is found in a field in Salzburg, with co-ordinates tattooed on the base of her feet that lead the police into the usually peaceful world of geocaching.

Reviewed on 27 December 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

I Can See In The Dark

Riktor is a strange man without friends who tortures old people at a home where he works, but is surprised to be arrested for the murder of one.

Reviewed on 29 November 2014 by Chris Roberts

Chamber Music

Henry Bane, on his way up in Manchester’s gangland, must face the challenge of Yardie Hagfish and his dreadful ally Mary. At the same time a woman from his past has reappeared, bringing even more trouble with her in the shape of a new boyfriend.

Reviewed on 15 November 2014 by John Cleal

All Is Silence

Fins, Brinco and Leda are childhood friends in a fishing village on the Galician coast, but events bring them into conflict when they become adult.

Reviewed on 20 September 2014 by Chris Roberts

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec

Paris police Commissaire Adamsberg and his team visit rural Ordebec where a girl’s visions of a medieval hoard presage four deaths.

Reviewed on 06 September 2014 by Chris Roberts


The Norwegian ambassador has been found dead in a seedy motel room in Bangkok. Detective Harry Hole is despatched to investigate but few people are willing to talk and he once again faces danger from hidden adversaries.

Reviewed on 06 September 2014 by Tracy Johnson

Speedy Death

A member of a house party does not appear for dinner. A search of the house uncovers a body in the bath. Mrs Bradley is intrigued and begins to investigate.

Reviewed on 26 July 2014 by Sylvia Maughan

The Never List

Sarah and her friend had compiled a list of rules which, in order to guarantee their safety, had to be observed. One night they broke the rules and had to face the consequences.

Reviewed on 31 May 2014 by Arnold Taylor

A Death in Valencia

Chief Inspector Max Camera is pulled from the murder of a local restaurateur when the owner of an abortion clinic is kidnapped.

Reviewed on 22 February 2014 by Chris Roberts


When a murdered German businessman is found in a Galway B&B with a note addressed to former SS paratroop commander Otto Skorzeny pinned to his body, Lieutenant Albert Drake of the Directorate of Intelligence is assigned to find the killer.

Reviewed on 25 January 2014 by John Cleal

In the Darkness

Eva is walking by the river with her seven-year-old daughter when they discover a man’s body. She leaves the girl telling her she will call police – then rings her father instead. Why? Inspector Sejer and his team must catch a violent killer, but face a cold trail.

Reviewed on 11 January 2014 by John Cleal