Mike Thomas

Interviewed 10 August 2016

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas was born in 1971 in the Welsh town of Caerphilly. His teenage years were spent breakdancing, spraying graffiti around the town’s walls and office blocks and just about staying on the right side of the law, until his early 20s when, inexplicably, he joined the local constabulary and began locking people up for spraying graffiti around the town’s walls and office blocks.

While working as a plod in Wales’ capital city of Cardiff, Thomas continued with his childhood passion: writing. As a freelance he produced articles for local newspapers, various websites and national travel magazines.

After completing a Master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Wales between 2007 and 2009, Thomas published his debut novel, Pocket Notebook, in 2010. His second novel, Ugly Bus, was released by Heinemann in 2014 and is currently in development as a six-part television series with the BBC. Both novels deal with the uglier side of policing.

Thomas left the police in the spring of 2015. He currently lives in the wilds of Portugal with his wife, children and a senile dog which enjoys eating the family furniture.

Books by Mike Thomas


Terrorists hit a multicultural event in Cardiff and follow up with more bombings. With police resources stretched, DC Will MacReady is unhappy to be assigned to investigate the murder of a girl, but soon realises there is a link between the events.

Reviewed on 14 October 2017 by John Cleal

Ash and Bones

A plain clothes officer is shot dead in a raid and the original suspect left in a coma. CID trainee Will MacReady is desperate to help, but ignored by his colleagues, follows his own leads that lead the detectives down a dark path.

Reviewed on 10 December 2016 by John Cleal

Ugly Bus

Newly-promoted young sergeant Martin Finch struggles to control a group of veteran policemen under the pressures of a football riot and violent demonstrations.

Reviewed on 29 August 2015 by John Cleal