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Books reviewed by Madeleine Marsh

Stephen King at the Movies

An encyclopaedia of every Stephen King book brought to the screen, including interviews, critical analysis, behind the scenes insights and photographs.

Reviewed on 25 April 2020 by Madeleine Marsh

False Value

In his first undercover role, Peter Grant infiltrates a London based tech company which is hiding a secret within its Douglas Adams-themed offices.

Reviewed on 11 April 2020 by Madeleine Marsh

The Escape Room

Four Wall Street high-flyers find themselves trapped together in an elevator escape room with one instruction – to get out alive.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Madeleine Marsh

The Turn of the Key

Rowan lands what seems to be her ideal job, a role as live-in nanny with a family in a remote village in Scotland, paying a generous salary, bonus and with all living expenses covered. But what should have been a dream turns into a nightmare.

Reviewed on 26 October 2019 by Madeleine Marsh

The Homecoming

After the death of their absent father, the Quinlan family are bequeathed a lodge in acres of private land worth millions. All they have to do to inherit is stay there for 30 days. And survive.

Reviewed on 12 October 2019 by Madeleine Marsh

She Lies In Wait

The discovery of a body brings together the victim’s schoolfriends 30 years after her death and old secrets start to be uncovered.

Reviewed on 13 July 2019 by Madeleine Marsh


A man in the small town of Castle Rock is losing weight but not mass

Reviewed on 29 June 2019 by Madeleine Marsh

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The famous detective Hercule Poirot retires anonymously to the quiet village of King’s Abbot, but when his friend Roger Ackroyd is murdered, he is persuaded to take up one last case.

Reviewed on 01 June 2019 by Madeleine Marsh

Friend Request

Louise has been haunted by the fear and shame of her school days, hiding a secret that only four people in the world share. One day she receives a friend request on Facebook from Maria Weston, a girl she was once friends with. But Maria died 25 years ago.

Reviewed on 04 August 2018 by Madeleine Marsh

The Outsider

An 11-year-old boy is found murdered and mutilated in the small town of Flint City. All the evidence points to Little League Coach Terry Maitland. But there’s as much evidence that he was out of town as there is placing him at the crime scene. How he can be in two places at once?

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Madeleine Marsh

The Visitors

Marion lives with her domineering brother John in the house that has always been the family home. Although she loves John, she despises the secret that he keeps in the basement, and her own involvement in it.

Reviewed on 06 January 2018 by Madeleine Marsh

The Summer of Impossible Things

After their mother’s suicide, two sisters fly to Brooklyn to sell the house their grandfather left. There, impossible events offer them the opportunity to change the past and affect the present.

Reviewed on 19 August 2017 by Madeleine Marsh

Want You Gone

No sooner has reporter Jack Parlabane landed his dream job than he finds himself blackmailed into helping a hacker steal a mysterious prototype from the research and development lab of a company with an equally mysterious history.

Reviewed on 02 August 2017 by Madeleine Marsh

Blood Mist

A family is massacred in their home in Liverpool, and another the night after. DCI Eve Clay is caught in a race against time to save the lives of the family who comes next.

Reviewed on 28 May 2016 by Madeleine Marsh

Saint Odd

Odd Thomas has returned to his home town of Pico Mundo, where the carnival is back and with it the Gypsy Mummy. Now another attack on the town is imminent, and Odd plans to stop it.

Reviewed on 14 May 2016 by Madeleine Marsh

The Spider in the Corner of the Room

Dr Maria Martinez is in prison for the murder of a priest. She believes she’s been framed, but can she get anyone else to believe it?

Reviewed on 27 February 2016 by Madeleine Marsh

The Silent Ones

Ten years after Olivia Duvall confessed to the murder of five girls, the brother of one of her victims fakes his identity and gets a job at the secure hospital where Olivia is serving her life sentence, determined to get answers.

Reviewed on 21 November 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

The Killing Lessons

The hunt for a serial killer brings a San Francisco homicide detective to the edge of physical and emotional collapse, but it’s a long and bloody journey and Valerie Hart has no choice but to follow.

Reviewed on 07 November 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

A Killing Moon

Weeks after the disappearance of an Irish student in Derby, the body of a Polish girl is found in the back of a burnt-out van. Detective Inspector Brook thinks the two are linked, but he has to navigate the complex world of organised crime in order to find out how.

Reviewed on 24 October 2015 by Madeleine Marsh


He’s in control of his life, a practiced serial killer skilled in his chosen art. But when he kidnaps Erica, his life starts to unravel.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

I Am Death

Seven days after Nicole Wilson goes missing, her body is found in a field outside LA International Airport. She has been tortured and her body posed. A posed corpse means a ritual, which gives Detective Robert Hunter limited time until the killer does it again.

Reviewed on 26 September 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

The Good Suicides

After a team-building event, one of the staff members kills his family before taking his own life. Three years later, another member of that event kills herself. It’s up to Inspector Salgado of the Barcelona police to find out why.

Reviewed on 29 August 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

Finders Keepers

At a time when his family is falling apart, Peter Saubers finds a trunk full of cash and Molskine notebooks. The money is enough to save his family, and what’s in the notebooks changes his heart.

Reviewed on 15 August 2015 by Madeleine Marsh


A woman’s body is found in a field in Salzburg, with co-ordinates tattooed on the base of her feet that lead the police into the usually peaceful world of geocaching.

Reviewed on 27 December 2014 by Madeleine Marsh


After the tragic happenings at Reichenbach Falls, two detectives join forces to ensure the void left by Sherlock Holmes in London is filled, and the one left by Moriarty is not.

Reviewed on 13 December 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

The City

In 1967, Jonah Kirk was eight years old, living in the city in a rented apartment with his mom. He dreams of being a musician but his mom can’t afford lessons. Then one day he is approached by a beautiful women who promises him a piano and gives him dreams.

Reviewed on 15 November 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

Broken Dolls

When young women are abducted, tortured and lobotomised before being released, the detective inspector in charge of the case calls on Jefferson Winter for help. Once an FBI agent, Winter is now a private consultant helping law enforcement with particularly difficult and harrowing cases.

Reviewed on 01 November 2014 by Madeleine Marsh


In New York’s East Village, the remains of a young girl are found. Detective Callum Doyle has seen a similar killing in the past and he knows who committed both crimes. The problem is, no one believes him.

Reviewed on 18 October 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

Dead Gone

A young girl is found murdered in Liverpool, prompting an investigation which turns into a hunt for a serial killer when a second body is discovered, and a note that talks about experiments suggests there are more deaths to follow

Reviewed on 28 June 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

Love Story, With Murders

Welsh police officer Fiona Griffiths is called to a house clearance where a woman’s leg and foot has been found in a chest freezer.

Reviewed on 25 January 2014 by Madeleine Marsh

Odd Apocalypse

Odd Thomas has found refuge in a crumbling mansion in Santa Barbara, along with his closest friends both living and dead. But the house is a place of terrible secrets, and there is a strange and frightening presence waiting.

Reviewed on 28 December 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

Tell No Lies

Daniel Basher, a probation counsellor in San Francisco, finds himself the centre of a serial killer’s attention when death threats sent to strangers end up in his inbox.

Reviewed on 30 November 2013 by Madeleine Marsh


London 1856. The body of Lady Bessingham, a supporter of exploration and science, is discovered in her home. Inspector Adams, with the help of Professor Hatton and his morgue assistant Albert Roumande, uncover a grotesque world lying just beneath the veneer of civilised society.

Reviewed on 16 November 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

The Prophet

Twenty years after the murder of their sister, Adam and Kent Austin once again find themselves the focus of a killer.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

The Black Box

Twenty years after a female journalist was shot dead during the Los Angeles riots in 1992, her case is reopened and Detective Harry Bosch uncovers a conspiracy that runs deeper and further than he could ever have imagined.

Reviewed on 04 October 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

I Hunt Killers

When a body turns up in the small town of Lobo’s Nod, where the son of notorious serial killer Billy Dent still lives, suspicion automatically falls on him.

Reviewed on 20 September 2013 by Madeleine Marsh