Kati Barr-Taylor

Books reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Secret

The hunt is on for DS Bridget Reid, who has been working as an undercover prostitute in Exeter.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

What You Don't Know

Denver, 2008. Two detectives discover the bodies of 33 murder victims. Seven years later, their killer is on death row, but the body-count is just about to go up.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Before I Let You In

Even though Karen is an experienced psychiatrist, nothing could prepare her for the day she opens her door to Jessica.

Reviewed on 04 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Killing Kate

Kate is away on holiday when the first woman is killed. But the second victim is too close for comfort, in every way.

Reviewed on 04 March 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor


Detective Sergeant Fawkes is called to a horrific crime scene where there is only one body, but clearly six victims.

Reviewed on 18 February 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Girl Before

Like Emma had before, Jane can’t turn down the offer of the minimalistic house, despite the rules that go with renting it. But who was Emma, and how did she die?

Reviewed on 18 February 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Mercy Killing

The murder of a sex offender could be seen as a mercy killing, but the East Rise police must put their sentiments behind them and treat this like any other crime.

Reviewed on 04 February 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Her Husband's Lover

Louise is trying to move on from the horrific car accident that took her husband, Sam, and her children. But Sophie, Sam’s lover, is out to destroy Louise’s future.

Reviewed on 21 January 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Then She Was Gone

When DI Murphy and DS Rossi arrive at the scene of a brutal murder, they have no idea the slaying is connected to the disappearance of a baby girl a year before.

Reviewed on 07 January 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor


Rosalie cannot watch her daughter, Maddie, spin any further out of control. She takes her to bereavement counselling, not realising her nightmare has only just begun.

Reviewed on 24 December 2016 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Hide and Seek

DI Helen Grace, disgraced, despised, and a Holloway inmate, could not be in a worse place to find a ruthless serial killer.

Reviewed on 10 December 2016 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Between the Crosses

DC Joseph Stark, war-hero-turned-copper, is unconvinced a double murder is a botched up burglary.

Reviewed on 26 November 2016 by Kati Barr-Taylor