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My Secret Lies With You

Cait is determined not to enjoy the holiday her mother has arranged. But a meeting with boy-next-door Marko changes things, and Cait starts to think North Wales might not be quite as dull as she expected. There’s also the mysterious disappearance of a local girl to add spice to the holiday.

Reviewed on 18 January 2020 by Linda Wilson

Rosie Loves Jack

Rosie loves Jack, but her father wants to keep them apart, especially when Jack is sent away to a special home in Brighton. But Rosie isn’t prepared to give up on her boyfriend, even when he stops contacting her.

Reviewed on 12 January 2019 by Linda Wilson

A Darkness of Dragons

The children of Hamelyn have never been found, but at least the man responsible for their disappearance is safely under lock and key. Until the dragons decide to take their revenge …

Reviewed on 27 October 2018 by Linda Wilson

Where the World Ends

Every year a small group of men and boys visit a wind-swept sea stac to harvest the nesting sea birds, but this year the boat fails to return for them.

Reviewed on 18 August 2018 by Linda Wilson

Orphan Monster Spy

Sarah is an orphan with the skills to become a spy, infiltrating an elite German finishing school on the eve of war to get close to the daughter of a Nazi scientist developing a nuclear bomb.

Reviewed on 14 April 2018 by Linda Wilson