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The Librarian of Auschwitz

The part-fictionalised story of Czech-Jewish schoolgirl Dita Polachova who spent years in the horror of Auschwitz-Birkenau where she administered a small library of smuggled books in the world’s strangest school.

Reviewed on 29 June 2019 by John Cleal

The Summer of Impossible Things

After their mother’s suicide, two sisters fly to Brooklyn to sell the house their grandfather left. There, impossible events offer them the opportunity to change the past and affect the present.

Reviewed on 19 August 2017 by Madeleine Marsh

After the Fire

After a devastating fire in a London tower block, DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent have to uncover the secret world of the 11th floor.

Reviewed on 29 August 2015 by Linda Wilson

Sherlock Homes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die

A sumptuously illustrated and authoritative tour into the world of Sherlock Holmes to accompany the Museum of London’s exhibition.

Reviewed on 13 December 2014 by Linda Wilson

The Kill

A killer is at large in London and police officers are being targeted. DC Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent need to find the link between the cases before the body count mounts even higher.

Reviewed on 28 June 2014 by Linda Wilson

The Last Winter of Dani Lancing

Student Dani Lancing was brutally raped and murdered. Twenty years on, her death is still affecting the lives of her parents and the man who had loved her since childhood.

Reviewed on 14 June 2014 by John Cleal

Dead Rich

New York PI Mac MacLeary jumps at the chance to leave a boring infidelity case for a trip to Europe. Arriving at the holiday home in Sardinia, his family has disappeared. Is the disappearance related to the case back home? 

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sylvia Wilson

The Stranger You Know

A serial killer is at work, and there are echoes of a cold case from 20 years ago. Maeve Kerrigan is shocked when suspicion falls on her obnoxious colleague DI Josh Derwent.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Linda Wilson