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The Monster's Daughter

A British concentration camp doctor carries out eugenics experiments on Boer prisoners. A hundred years later, a young policewoman discovers a woman’s body, burned beyond recognition, a crime that leads her into her country’s violent past – and her father’s part in it.

Reviewed on 29 October 2016 by John Cleal

Come, Sweet Death

Simon Brenner finds driving an ambulance less stressful than police work, but his boss pushes him back into detection to find out how a competitor is stealing their business.

Reviewed on 24 January 2015 by Chris Roberts

The Dog Killer of Utica

Eliot Conte’s dubious PI past comes back to haunt him after a series of violent assaults on close personal friends, and their dogs.

Reviewed on 23 August 2014 by Chris Roberts


Former police inspector Simon Brenner investigates the deaths of two Americans on a ski lift, but after six months is still at a dead end.

Reviewed on 31 May 2014 by Chris Roberts