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Will Dean

Will Dean lives in a vast forest in Sweden, where his Tuva Moodyson thrillers are set. He was brought up in the East Midlands and studied law at the LSE. While working in the City, he spent years commuting from London at weekends to build the forest home in Sweden where he now lives with his wife and son, writing full time. He and his wife designed their new life to be as self-sufficient and low cost as possible. They grow their own food, forage in summer and autumn, take water from their own well, and use their own timber for heating and cooking. Will's interests other than writing and reading are painting, nature (living in it, watching it, preserving it), cooking, travel, repairing old mechanical watches, sea kayaking and movies.

Interviewed 27 November 2021

Ten words to sum up your working life to date ...

1. Lucky
2. Lucky
3. Lucky
4. Lucky
5. Lucky
6. Lucky
7. Lucky
8. Lucky
9. Lucky
10. Lucky

Nine things you can see from where you're sitting ...

1. The forest
2. Granite boulders
3. An elk-hunting tower
4. An owl nesting box
5. A moose repelling alarm
6. Our water well
7. Our next Christmas tree
8. Moose-nibbled pine saplings
9. Lots of weather

Eight minutes to prepare a meal. What's it going to be ?

Steak cooked outdoors over fire. Eaten outdoors, next to the fire, with family and friends.

Seven people you'd like to go for a drink with ...

1. Stephen King (soft drinks)
2. Yaa Gyasi
3. Cormac McCarthy
4. Kazuo Ishiguro
5. Will Ferrell
6. Temple Grandin
7. Idris Elba

Six things you can't live without ...

1. My family
2. My friends
3. Books
4. Seasoned firewood!
5. Music
6. My ridiculous animals, Bernie and Monty

Five favourite words ...

1. Bacchanalian
2. Moss
3. Alfred
4. Pikelet
5. Buttie

Four places you'd run away to ...

1. Another forest
2. The mountains
3. Scotland
4. Ireland

Three books you've bought recently ...

1. Scenes of a Graphic Nature by Caroline O’Donoghue
2. The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
3. The Witches by Roald Dahl (for my son)

Two things that make you rant ...

1. People who are unkind to waiting staff/servers
2. People who are intolerant

One thing you'd tell your teenage self ...

It’ll be OK.