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Penny Hancock

Penny Hancock was born in London and now lives in Cambridge with her husband and three children. She is a part-time primary school teacher at a speech and language school and has also worked as a journalist. Penny wrote the first draft of her debut novel Tideline while she was studying on the MA in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University.

Interviewed 07 March 2015

Ten words to sum up your working life to date ...

As I planned aged eight, but over 40 years on!

Nine things you can see from where you're sitting ...

(Sitting on the wall outside the Cutty Sark pub in Greenwich)
The Thames at low tide
The tideline strewn with plastic bottles and bits of pink rope
A glass of Cote de Provence Rose
A packet of Tyrrell’s crisps
A pink cyclamen in a pot
A group of cyclists drinking beer
An American Priest eating roast dinner with two friends
A Thames Clipper moving towards the Thames Barrier
A tempting menu including things like ‘Billingsgate Board’

Eight minutes to prepare a meal. What's it going to be ?

Pasta, Pesto, Parmesan, Bottle of Verdicchio di Jesi

Seven people you'd like to go for a drink with ...

If I could resurrect them - My dad, Carl Jung, John Lennon, Hitchcock (for his plot advice), Nigella Lawson (because we share a love of Italy and of eating) Ian McEwan because I admire his writing, and Bill Nighy, just because.

Six things you can't live without ...

(Apart from all my loved ones??)
My bike
Muji notebook (+pen or I’ll be writing in lipstick!)
Verdicchio di Jesi

Five favourite words ...

Verdicchio di Jesi

Four places you'd run away to ...

The Ligurian coast
The Tuscan Hills

Three books you've bought recently ...

The Children Act by Ian McEwan
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
Honey & Co by Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich

Two things that make you rant ...

Badly made coffee

One thing you'd tell your teenage self ...

Buy more clothes at Biba because soon it will be gone for good.