Books by C.L.Taylor


Ursula, Gareth and Alice are strangers. But over the course of the next few days, they will realise they need one another to stay alive.

Reviewed on 24 April 2021 by Kati Barr-Taylor


One of the seven hotel guests is a murderer, and he or she is watching Anna.

Reviewed on 28 September 2019 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Fear

Lou was 14 when she was groomed by Mike, an older man. She returns to her hometown 18 years later to discover that Mike has a new victim, and she is determined to stop him.

Reviewed on 14 April 2018 by Nicola Hodges

The Treatment

Unless Drew Finch can find a way out of the Residential Reform Academy, she faces the prospect of losing herself and her brother to a deeply sinister treatment that will change them both – and not for the better.

Reviewed on 06 January 2018 by Linda Wilson

The Escape

‘Keep an eye on your daughter.’ These are six words of advice to Jo Blackmore – or a threat. She must save her daughter and plan their escape.

Reviewed on 09 October 2017 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Missing

15-year-old Billy Wilkinson went missing six months ago. His mother, Claire, is convinced he’s still alive, but her case isn’t helped when a press conference goes wrong and the spotlight is turned on her own family.

Reviewed on 20 August 2016 by Linda Wilson

The Accident

Susan Jackson's daughter Charlotte is in a coma after being hit by a bus – and she's the only person who thinks it wasn't an accident.

Reviewed on 03 May 2014 by Sharon Wheeler