Walter Mosley

Books by Walter Mosley

Blood Grove

Easy Rawlins accepts a case on behalf of a Vietnam veteran against his own better judgement and soon finds himself the target of police, the FBI and organised crime.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Chris Roberts

Trouble Is What I Do

New-York-based PI Leonid McGill accepts a job delivering a document to a woman establishing her black ancestry, something her corrupt father is unwilling to accept.

Reviewed on 31 July 2020 by Chris Roberts

Down the River Unto the Sea

Joe King Oliver is a New York PI still coming to terms with being ousted from the NYPD is invited to help a black radical accused of killing two crooked police detectives.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Chris Roberts

Charcoal Joe

Easy Rawlins receives a request to help a young man accused of murder, a request he finds it hard to refuse. However, he soon finds that he’s been given only half the story, and the job could be a lot more dangerous than it first appeared.

Reviewed on 10 December 2016 by Chris Roberts

And Sometimes I Wonder About You

PI Leonid McGill comes to the aid of the beautiful Marella on a train, who proves to be suitably grateful. Meanwhile, he receives plenty of other new calls on his services.

Reviewed on 02 January 2016 by Chris Roberts

Rose Gold

Private investigator Easy Rawlins’ help is enlisted to find a missing woman, but the case turns out to be nowhere near as straightforward as it first appears.

Reviewed on 27 December 2014 by Chris Roberts

All I Did Was Shoot My Man

Private investigator Leonid McGill helped frame an innocent woman for a huge robbery at an insurance company. When he regrets his actions and decides to free her from prison, he sets in motion events which threaten her, himself and his family.

Reviewed on 22 February 2014 by John Cleal

Little Green

Easy Rawlins, a black PI in 1967 LA, emerges from a coma to find his friend Mouse seeking help to save a young member of their community.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Chris Roberts