Bernard Minier

Interviewed 09 July 2016

Bernard Minier

Bernard Minier grew up in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Béziers and chose the area as the setting for his prize-winning first novel, The Frozen Dead. He was a prodigious reader as a child and was drawn to books that had a map at the beginning (Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Verne’s L’Ile Mystérieuse, Tokein’s Lord of the Rings). He studied in Tarbes and Toulouse and now lives with his family in L’Essonne in the Ile de France.

After university he joined the French customs service where he worked for 30 years. Minier has written since he was an adolescent but had to wait until just after he turned 50 before he was encouraged to send his manuscript to a publisher. His debut novel, The Frozen Dead, published in France in 2011, is set in the depths of winter in the Pyrénées. It was shortlisted for six prizes and won three, and was translated into 15 languages.

Books by Bernard Minier


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