Alan Judd

Books by Alan Judd

Accidental Agent

Brexit negotiations are taking place and are proving troublesome. When Charles Thoroughgood, Head of MI6, learns from his Director of Operations that somebody working for the EU Commission has offered to provide information to the British Government, he has decide what to do in order to test its trustworthiness.

Reviewed on 28 September 2019 by Arnold Taylor

Shakespeare's Sword

Antiques dealer Simon Gold discovers an ancient sword which may have belonged to William Shakespeare and becomes obsessed with owning it. But how far is he prepared to go to get it?

Reviewed on 30 March 2019 by John Cleal

Deep Blue

Charles Thoroughgood, Head of MI6, agrees to an informal request from MI5 to look into a case involving a group of political activists calling themselves Action Against Authority. Legal reasons prevent MI5 itself from pursuing the case because the group is linked to a political party – the SNP.

Reviewed on 18 March 2017 by Arnold Taylor

Inside Enemy

Charles Thoroughgood, the newly-appointed head of a revamped MI6, is presented almost immediately with the problem of cyber attacks on the UK.  At the same time one of his field agents is murdered and a former colleague who turned traitor escapes from prison.

Reviewed on 21 February 2015 by Arnold Taylor