Patricia Cornwell

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Kay Scarpetta is called to investigate the death of a young woman during an intolerable heatwave. The data appears to be inexplicable and yet she feels that it may have consequences beyond what is apparent.

Reviewed on 24 June 2017 by John Barnbrook

Flesh and Blood

On Kay Scarpetta’s birthday, her plans are disrupted by the shooting of a musician outside his house – and there are similarities to two recent unsolved murders in New Jersey.

Reviewed on 01 August 2015 by Sylvia Wilson


In bed with ‘flu, Dr Kay Scarpetta is called to the body of a young girl posed in the middle of an MIT sports field, her body covered in a dust that fluoresces in rainbow colours. Scarpetta is reminded of similar cases in Washington, but the FBI is determined to prove that they are unrelated.

Reviewed on 24 January 2015 by Sylvia Wilson