Alex Marwood

Interviewed 26 October 2019

Alex Marwood

Alex Marwood doesn’t really exist, being the imaginative construct of the sometime journalist and novelist Serena Mackesy, who eventually tired of no one being able to pronounce her name.

Born in Oxfordshire to expat Celts, she always intended to be a writer, but got there via a series of jobs like door-to-door sales, barmaiding, crossword editing, teaching, lexicographical proofreading, typing up violent crime appeals at the Royal Courts of Justice and pretending to be a tarot reader.

She lives in London, once trained as a hypnotist and does most of her work in bed. She spends a lot of money on mattresses.

Books by Alex Marwood

The Darkest Secret

Three-year-old Coco Jackson disappeared from her family’s holiday home when the adults were out celebrating. Twelve years on, her father’s funeral brings hidden secrets into the open.

Reviewed on 30 January 2016 by Sharon Wheeler

The Killer Next Door

As London swelters in a stifling heatwave, the tenants of a bedsit and its landlord each try to hide their own secrets, but one, an obsessed serial killer, must try more than most.

Reviewed on 28 June 2014 by John Cleal