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Clean Hands

A phone lifted from a lawyer’s pocket holds documents crucial to a dispute between two banks. Fast recovery is essential.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Chris Roberts

Dark Sky

Game Warden Joe Pickett takes social media mogul Steve Price on a hunting trip, but Price has enemies ready to exploit the opportunity to bring him down.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Chris Roberts


Detective Inspector St John Strafford is called from Dublin to a country house where a priest has been savagely murdered. As the snow piles up, he struggles to understand the strange family who live there.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Chris Roberts

Tales from the Folly

A collection of short stories and shorter snippets set in the expanded universe of the Folly, home to London’s smallest and most specialist branch of the Metropolitan police.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Linda Wilson

The Body Falls

When the body of a cyclist drops from a muddy bank onto her friend’s Jeep in the middle of a storm, local solicitor Ben (Benedicta) O’Keefe is caught up in a dangerous web in a town cut off by rising flood waters.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Linda Wilson

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

The game that ended so badly for one of the girls at Wesleyan college ten years ago is still not over for Ambrosia.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Inner Darkness

Notorious serial killer, Tom Kerr, is safely behind bars. But during an excursion to lead Norwegian police to the grave of one of his victims he manages a miraculous escape. And then, once again, no woman is safe.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Viv Beeby

The Roots of Evil

When two men, one a serving police officer, the other retired from the force, are shot dead and left in a car outside Edinburgh’s divisional office, the investigating team has very little to go on at first and matters quickly become both complicated and dangerous.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Linda Wilson

The Smuggler's Secret

When Justice Jones takes part in a new school initiative to involve pupils with the local community, she doesn’t expect to end up with a suspicious death to solve. But then Justice attracts mysteries the way flowers attract bees.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Linda Wilson

The Unwilling

Jason French is home from the Vietnam war and from prison. When a girl he has been seen with is found dead, it is obvious who will be blamed, but it’s less obvious who will try to prove him innocent.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Kerry Hood

The Twelve Even Stranger Days of Christmas

A collection of short stories set in the world of Rosie Strange and the Essex Witchcraft Museum.

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Anthea Hawdon

Victim 2117

A newspaper photograph of an elderly murder victim brings back disturbing memories for Assad from Department Q. Together with his boss, Carl Mørck, he has to deal with own painful past, and stop a terrorist attack planned by his former tormentor. 

Reviewed on 27 November 2021 by Ewa Sherman

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