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The Last Taxi Driver

Lou Bishoff, a taxi driver in Gentry, North Mississippi, spends a long day moving customers around town pondering their problems, and his own.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Chris Roberts

The Unusual Suspect

The true story of a would-be Robin Hood, a man who robbed banks and betting shops, and for an impressive time managed to evade capture.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Chris Roberts

Bloody Foreigners

A racist attack in London’s Chinatown challenges local police, but luckily the brilliant, troubled, Singaporean DI Stanley Low is in town to help.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Chris Roberts

The Dying Day

Persis Wadia, India’s first female detective, returns to investigate the disappearance of an academic and a valuable copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Chris Roberts

The Girl Who Died

A young woman from Reykjavik answers an advert to work as a teacher for two girls in a remote village. Amidst hostility, recurring nightmares and visions of a ghost she tries to find out what’s been happening in the area, but the locals will do anything to protect their secrets.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Ewa Sherman

Girls Who Lie

When a feckless single mother goes missing it is assumed that she has committed suicide. But then a decomposed body is found seven months later hidden on the lava fields of the west coast of Iceland and police officers Emma and Saevar find themselves heading up a gruesome murder investigation.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Viv Beeby

I Know What I Saw

Nicola may not be able to forgive her ex for his affair, but she won’t watch him go down for a murder he couldn’t possibly have committed.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Kati Barr-Taylor

A Change of Circumstance

DCS Simon Serrailler takes on the usual combination of colourful family drama and high-density police work when a ruthless drug gang sets its sights on rural Lafferton.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Viv Beeby

Better Off Dead

A crashed jeep against the only tree in sight in the desert landscape of Arizona feels suspicious to Jack Reacher and, as ever, he gets involved.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Sylvia Maughan

The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer

An investigative journalist approaches a retiring police captain and suggests he got a 20-year-old case very wrong. Then she is murdered and the team re-investigates the earlier crime, as well as her death.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by John Verpeleti


Two sisters reunite to sort out their mother’s legacy - and her death. They couldn’t be more different, and as they discover more about their parent, it’s not clear whether they’ll be drawn together or pushed further apart. Then a police investigation into a cold case murder complicates things further.

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Kerry Hood


Miles Pussett is a former steeplechase jockey but he now gets his adrenaline rush from hurling himself, head first, down the Cresta Run. Finding himself in St Moritz during the same week as White Turf, when horseracing takes place on the frozen lake, Miles gets talked into helping with the horses but something suspicious is going on …

Reviewed on 26 March 2022 by Fiona Spence

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