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The Hunting Party

In the next three days, a group of Oxford friends will find out just how dangerous winter in the Scottish Highlands can be.

Reviewed on 21 December 2019 by Kati Barr-Taylor

To Love and Be Wise

The impossibly good-looking Leslie Searle inveigles his way into the life of a wealthy and artistic family, and then he goes missing. DI Alan Grant is called in to determine if he has been murdered and by whom.

Reviewed on 21 December 2019 by John Barnbrook

The Christmas Egg

In a seedy Islington bedsit the body of Princess Olga Karukhin lies as if in state. Her secret trunk has  been wrenched open and its precious contents gone …

Reviewed on 21 December 2019 by Viv Beeby

The Secret of Cold Hill

Artist Jason Danes and his wife Emily think they’ve found their forever home. But then they start to feel they’re not alone – and discover that no one has ever lived beyond 40 in Cold Hill House.

Reviewed on 21 December 2019 by Sharon Wheeler

Songs About a Boy

World famous boyband Fire&Lights are on the brink of a messy break-up as tensions between lead singer and songwriter Gabriel West and band member Olly Samson boil over. Charlie Bloom, the band’s young photographer, blames herself and just wants to wind back the clock to happier times.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Linda Wilson

Deep Dirty Truth

When bounty hunter Lori Anderson is offered a deal by the boss of the Miami Mob, she has little choice but to agree, as to turn it down would put a price on her family’s heads, as well as her own. She has to snatch someone from FBI custody. No pressure, then.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Linda Wilson

Bad Turn

Charlie Fox is jobless, homeless and blacklisted in the close-knit world of close personal protection, so when a new job finally comes her way, she’s in no position to refuse, even if all her instincts are telling her to run and not to look back.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Linda Wilson

The Bad Fire

A case from nine years ago turns out to be anything but cold, as Alexis Skinner finds out to her cost.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Linda Wilson

Joe Country

The 'Slow Horses' are going through their daily Slough House routine when they suddenly have to obey a call to arms. Louisa Guy is approached by the former wife of Min Harper, now dead, and informed that Min's son, Lucas, has gone missing. Since Louisa had had what was for her a romantic affair with Min, she decides she has to act.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Arnold Taylor

Breaking Dad

James Lubbock tells the story of his life, of parents whose sexual orientation led them to part, and of his father the drug dealer.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Chris Roberts

Maigret's Childhood Friend

An old schoolmate calls on Maigret to inform him of a murder, and expects some allowance to be made for old acquaintance despite the fact that he is clearly the prime suspect.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Chris Roberts

C'est La Vie

Writer Jean-Francois Colombier accompanies his son on a trip to Lille and is unexpectedly plunged into a nightmare.

Reviewed on 30 November 2019 by Chris Roberts

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