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The Other Woman

A long time ago an event occurred that had profound consequences for the future, involving a young child who was brought up with certain beliefs that practically determined the course of a life. The consequences of that upbringing eventually become clear.

Reviewed on 24 November 2018 by Arnold Taylor

The Reckoning

A chilling message found in a school’s time capsule says that six people will be killed. The threat has been written ten years ago. Disgraced detective Huldar is assigned to investigate this seemingly non-case.

Reviewed on 24 November 2018 by Ewa Sherman

The Well of Ice

When the local pub burns down, the heart seems to have been ripped out of the small Irish town of Glendara. Matters get worse when local solicitor Benedicta ‘Ben’ O’Keefe and Garda Sergeant Tom Molloy make a grim discovery on Christmas Day.

Reviewed on 24 November 2018 by Linda Wilson


When Scottish PI Allan Linton is hired to find a missing young woman he finds himself in a world of gangsters, people traffickers and murder.

Reviewed on 24 November 2018 by John Cleal

Enough Rope

When London PI Lee Arnold is asked for help by a former police colleague, he isn’t keen on getting involved, but allows himself to be persuaded to investigate a kidnapping.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Linda Wilson

Blackstone Underground

The Bank of England is being threatened with an audacious break-in. It’s Blackstone’s job to stop this happening

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Linda Wilson

The Astonishing Colour of After

Leigh is struggling to cope with the aftermath of her mother’s suicide, but when a big red bird appears and speaks with her mother’s voice, Leigh knows she has one last chance to connect with her mother.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Linda Wilson

The Insider

When the body of a fourth woman is found on a railway line, DCI David Stone and DS Frankie Oliver have a strong suspicion that a serial killer is at work. On top of that, someone on their team is leaking information to the press.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Linda Wilson

Maigret's Secret

A well-known wealthy woman is found stabbed to death in a frenzied attack. Maigret interviews her husband and cannot make up his mind about his guilt or innocence.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Arnold Taylor

Inhuman Resources

Alain Delambre, formerly a highly paid executive in human resources, has been out of regular work for four years. When a major company shows some interest in his application for a senior position he adopts desperate measures to obtain it.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Arnold Taylor

The Betel Nut Tree Mystery

Chen Su Lin, assistant to Singapore’s Chief Inspector Le Froy, ends up at risk when a rich young Englishman is found dead, his body soaked in betel nut juice.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Chris Roberts

Memo From Turner

When a young girl is crushed in a hit-and-run the culprit’s rich family conspire to protect him. Warrant Officer Turner is determined that someone will pay.

Reviewed on 10 November 2018 by Chris Roberts

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