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The Girl in the Fog

A psychiatrist is called in to a police station to interview a man after a car accident. Meanwhile, a young girl is missing from her family who live nearby. 

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Sylvia Maughan


A mother and her five-year-old child are found murdered in an abandoned caravan. Chief Inspector Konrad Sejer believes that the killing has been planned but the initial investigation leads nowhere.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Ewa Sherman

Holy Ceremony

Lieutenant Ariel Kafka from the Violent Crime Unit in Helsinki investigates a bizarre case of a woman’s body stolen from a morgue. He’s been chosen by someone who wants to exact revenge and who might be a perpetrator or a severely damaged soul.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Ewa Sherman

Perfect Prey

DIs Luc Callanach and Ava Turner are investigating a series of murders in Edinburgh and they are struggling to find any leads – until they realise that graffiti about each victim appears before the murder takes place.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Kate Balfour

Sweet William

A father is desperate to be reunited with his son, and isn’t prepared to let anyone or anything stand in his way.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

Blackstone's Fancy

Bow Street Runner Edmund Blackstone is charged with stopping a prize fight. The only trouble is that one of the fighters is Blackstone’s own protégé, the up and coming Ebony Joe.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Linda Wilson


With the country in the grip of a deadly epidemic, Shay has turned herself in, believing she’s the person who started it all. Her friend Kai disagrees and is determined to find her.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

A Secret Beat

Alexia Falls chucks in a chance of college in the US to follow her heart to London and take an internship at a production company. But money worries lead her down a dangerous path.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

Maigret and the Headless Corpse

A dismembered body, found in the Canal St-Martin, presents Maigret with a thoroughly baffling case involving a taciturn woman. And the examining magistrate wants quick results.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Arnold Taylor

The Drifter

Ex-marine Peter Ash returns home to the US with problems from service in the Middle East, but none sufficient to prevent him helping out the family of a once close comrade.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Chris Roberts

The Fighter

Jack Boucher, who was abandoned as a child, took up cage fighting as a way to find himself, and after 25 years has reached the end of a very long road.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Chris Roberts

Beside the Syrian Sea

When his father is kidnapped by ISIS, Jonas employs his skills as an intelligence agent. But until now he has been working from behind a desk.

Reviewed on 09 June 2018 by Chris Roberts

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