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Deeply Odd

Odd Thomas chases a pantechnicon to a Satanist cult to try to save a group of children.  On the way he meets a formidable old woman whose contacts help Odd in his quest.

Reviewed on 16 November 2013 by Sylvia Wilson


London 1856. The body of Lady Bessingham, a supporter of exploration and science, is discovered in her home. Inspector Adams, with the help of Professor Hatton and his morgue assistant Albert Roumande, uncover a grotesque world lying just beneath the veneer of civilised society.

Reviewed on 16 November 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

White Death

FBI agent Franco Patrese is on the trail of a serial killer who has a fixation with tarot cards and Ivy League colleges.

Reviewed on 16 November 2013 by Sharon Wheeler

Dead Man's Time

New York gangs of the 1920s meet 2012 Brighton as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace investigates an attack on an elderly woman

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Sharon Wheeler

Stop Dead

DI Geraldine Steel investigates when a businessman is brutally killed and his wife and her young lover are automatically suspects, but then another murder takes place by the same method.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Linda Wilson

The Stranger You Know

A serial killer is at work, and there are echoes of a cold case from 20 years ago. Maeve Kerrigan is shocked when suspicion falls on her obnoxious colleague DI Josh Derwent.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Linda Wilson

Little Green

Easy Rawlins, a black PI in 1967 LA, emerges from a coma to find his friend Mouse seeking help to save a young member of their community.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Chris Roberts

Yours Until Death

Norwegian PI Varg Veum retrieves a young boy's bike from a gang of delinquents - and finds himself embroiled in violence and murder

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Sharon Wheeler


A series of horrifying, possibly supernatural, incidents shake both patients and staff at a secure mental unit. DI Jack Caffery, still looking for the body of a missing woman, is dragged into the hospital mystery.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by John Cleal

The Racketeer

Lawyer Malcolm Bannister is serving a ten year sentence after being railroaded by the FBI for a crime he did not commit. When a Federal judge and his lover are murdered and the investigation stalls, Bannister tells the agency he knows the killer – and launches a brilliantly conceived plot to gain revenge.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by John Cleal

The Prophet

Twenty years after the murder of their sister, Adam and Kent Austin once again find themselves the focus of a killer.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Madeleine Marsh

My Criminal World

Crime writer David Slavitt is struggling to boost a flagging readership and to get to the bottom of his wife’s apparent alienation.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Chris Roberts

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