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Bones of the Lost

A girl is killed in a hit-and-run on a lonely stretch of road. Was it an accident or murder?  Then Temperance Brennan is drafted in to analyse the remains of two Afghan nationals killed by a marine during a raid on a village.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Sylvia Wilson

Everyone Lies

When drug addicts start turning up dead, the police don’t seem to be taking much notice until a minor celebrity dies, then the case gets handed to DI Kate Simms, who ends up asking for help from the man who ruined her career five years ago.

Reviewed on 01 November 2013 by Linda Wilson

A Taste for Malice

Dysfunctional Glasgow DI Ray McBain gets involved in a case of child abuse by a woman who had been entrusted with their care.

Reviewed on 29 October 2013 by John Cleal

Dead Lions

A former member of MI5 is found dead on a bus, apparently as a result of a heart attack.  An ex-colleague doesn’t believe it and sets out to investigate.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Arnold Taylor

The Black Life

Aron Samuel was thought killed to have been in the Holocaust. When he is sighted in Thessaloniki, Alex Mavros is hired to trace him. His involvement will uncover a history of survival and revenge in the past, but also conspiracy and murder that are very much in the present day.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Anthea Hawdon

The Voice of the Spirits

An elderly art collector is found dead in his gated mansion with a hole in his forehead and a tribal mask from Papua New Guinea over his face. Commandant Michel de Palma is called to investigate.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Linda Wilson

Already Dead

The Peak District is drenched in rain and a naked body is found in a drainage ditch. DS Ben Cooper is still off work after the arson attach that killed his fiancée and DS Diane Cooper has her work cut out to keep his private life out of her investigation.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Linda Wilson


Criminal profiler Rudolf Heinz is called in when two bodies marked with ritualistic signs are found in Warsaw, but enjoys little cooperation.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Chris Roberts

Children of the Revolution

DCI Alan Banks finds that the death of a recluse has links back to the student unrest of the 1960s.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Sharon Wheeler

The Red Road

A compelling, uncompromising and morally complex look at child abuse, police and institutional corruption

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by John Cleal

Next to Die

Brothers Joe and Sam Parker have chosen different paths in life. It’s Sam’s job to catch criminals and it’s Joe’s job to defend them.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by Linda Wilson

An Act of Kindness

In the east end of London, private investigators, Lee Arnold and Mumtaz Hakim are caught up in protection rackets, sex-trafficking and the problems caused by slum landlords and moneylenders.

Reviewed on 18 October 2013 by John Cleal

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