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Morning Frost

Denton is its usual hotbed of crime and this time it comes with added body parts, as a farmer ploughing his fields soon discovers. On top of that, DS Jack Frost has to cope with shootings and the death of his wife.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Linda Wilson

The City of Strangers

Detective Sergeant Stefan Gillespie is sent to New York on what appears to be a simple mission to escort a suspected murderer back to Ireland.  It turns out to be far from simple and highly dangerous.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Arnold Taylor

The Cambodian Book of the Dead

German detective Maier, an ex-journalist with experience in the Far East, is sent to Cambodia to arrange the return of the heir to a fortune.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Chris Roberts

I Am Max Lamm

Max Lamm, a young man disgraced in New York, is sheltering in London but when he kills a Pakistani youth he sets off a series of riots.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Chris Roberts

The Kennedy Conspiracy

Who killed John F Kennedy? A British journalist was there and saw it happen.  He subsequently overhears something that put his own life and that of others in danger. The truth must come out.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sylvia Maughan

Where the Devil Can't Go

Janusz Kiszka, unofficial ‘fixer’ for East London’s Polish community, finds himself caught in a web of politics, murder, religion and drugs when he sets out to investigate the disappearance of a young girl.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by John Cleal

A Song from Dead Lips

DS Cathal Breen is assigned to the murder of a young girl near the famous Abbey Road recording studios. He is given a young and impulsive temporary female DC as an assistant and together the pair follow a series of clues which lead them from the Beatles’ fan club to an African conflict in which millions are dying.

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by John Cleal

Dead Rich

New York PI Mac MacLeary jumps at the chance to leave a boring infidelity case for a trip to Europe. Arriving at the holiday home in Sardinia, his family has disappeared. Is the disappearance related to the case back home? 

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sylvia Wilson

Hard Going

DCI Bill Slider and his team investigate the death of a former solicitor who, friends say, didn't have an enemy in the world

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sharon Wheeler

Saints of the Shadow Bible

Rebus is back - but a lowly DS and still at odds with his superiors as a murder from 30 years ago returns to haunt him

Reviewed on 14 December 2013 by Sharon Wheeler

Broken Homes

A murder, a suicide and a theft of a magical book lead PC Peter Grant to a strange estate in South London. Can he find out what the evil magician, the Faceless Man, is planning before it's too late?

Reviewed on 11 December 2013 by Anthea Hawdon

Precious Thing

TV reporter Rachel Walsh is called to a press conference about a missing woman, only to discover that it her oldest friend who’s gone missing.

Reviewed on 30 November 2013 by Linda Wilson

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