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Bad Seed

Australian cop Cato Kwong returns to investigate the slaughter of four people, a crime with Chinese connections that brings the detective into closer contact with his heritage.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Chris Roberts

Dying Wish

When an author has a heart attack at his own book signing, he makes a bizarre last request of an old friend. He wants his house burned to the ground.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Linda Wilson

In Bitter Chill

Two girls are snatched off the street in small-town Derbyshire in 1978. One, Rachel Jones, is found. The other, Sophie Jenkins, disappears forever. More than 30 years later, Sophie’s mother commits suicide, and Rachel realises she has to find out what really happened.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Craig Sisterson

Lockwood & Co: The Whispering Skull

Lockwood & Co go up against the Fittes Agency again in the search for a deadly relic that’s been stolen after being dug up from a London graveyard.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Linda Wilson

Love You To Death

Being able to talk to the dead isn’t always easy, as 16-year-old Susannah Simon will testify.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Linda Wilson


He’s in control of his life, a practiced serial killer skilled in his chosen art. But when he kidnaps Erica, his life starts to unravel.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Madeleine Marsh

Poisoned Ground

PI Mumtaz Hakim goes undercover in a psychiatric institution seeking evidence that a doctor has manufactured evidence to cover up his crimes.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Chris Roberts

River of Souls

A minister’s wife calls in forensic psychologist Alice Quentin to reopen the case of the attack which left her daughter mutilated and half drowned. A priest and a policewoman die the same way and Alice must get inside the mind of a madman obsessed by the River Thames.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by John Cleal

Solomon Creed

A plane crashes in the Arizona desert and a lone figure emerges from the blazing wreck. He has no memory of his past, no idea of his future. He only knows he must save a man – a man who is already dead.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by John Cleal

Splinter the Silence

Carol Jordon, faced with the humiliation of a drink-driving charge, turns to former friend and colleague, Tony Hill, and the pair are soon immersed in a series of apparent suicides due to internet bulling. As ever, it takes Hill to spot the patterns others have missed.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Linda Wilson

The Moth Catcher

A retired farm labourer comes upon the body of a young man in a quiet Northumberland valley. When the police visit his flat to find out more about him they find the body of another man.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by Arnold Taylor

The Suicide Club

British forces are mired in the bloody stalemate of Passchendaele. Prime Minister Lloyd George is unhappy with progress and soldier-spy Sandy Innes, sent to report on the divided headquarters of commander-in-chief Sir Douglas Haig, soon suspects treachery.

Reviewed on 10 October 2015 by John Cleal

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