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Trust No One

Jerry Grey, a successful author of crime fiction, has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers. Now that he has trouble remembering, he has apparently started to confess to the murders from his novels. Other women are being murdered too.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by John Barnbrook


Investigative journalist Scott King delves into a family massacre, told by the killer and five witnesses, through six podcasts.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Ewa Sherman

The Walls

Kristy Tucker loved Lance once. Now, her only way to stop the fear is with his murder.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Killing Connection

No one knows the woman found dead on the rocks in St Andrews, and DCI Andy Gilchrist senses this will be a complicated murder case.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

Paper Ghosts

Carl Feldman may be her sister’s killer. And the game she is about to play may make him her killer too.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Kati Barr-Taylor

The Outsider

An 11-year-old boy is found murdered and mutilated in the small town of Flint City. All the evidence points to Little League Coach Terry Maitland. But there’s as much evidence that he was out of town as there is placing him at the crime scene. How he can be in two places at once?

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Madeleine Marsh

Five Days That Shocked the World

First-person accounts of the famous, soon-to-be-famous and the unknowns who lived through the dramatic days from April 28 to May 2 1945, covering the deaths of the Fascist dictators Mussolini and Hitler, the fall of Berlin and the end of the six-year war.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by John Cleal

The Other Wife

Psychologist Joe O’Loughlin is called to St Mary’s hospital in London where his eminent surgeon father William is in a coma after a vicious attack. But the crying woman by the bedside, who introduces herself as William’s wife, isn’t Joe’s mother and he’s never seen her before.

Reviewed on 07 July 2018 by Sharon Wheeler

The Ones That Disappeared

Three children live and work as modern slaves, in thrall to a drug gang. When freedom comes, it is both unexpected and terrifying.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

The House on Half Moon Street

Leo Stanhope, a coroner’s assistant in Victorian London, is searching for the murderer of Maria, the woman he loved. But Leo’s investigations will endanger both his life and the secret he has to keep at all costs for Leo was born Charlotte.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

A Taste for Vengeance

Bruno Courrèges, Chief of Police in St Denis, has been promoted and now must deal with a far wider area. His first case in his new role is a possible murder-suicide with links to a terrorist organisation.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

Boy Meets Hamster

Dylan Kershaw is having to put up with the Holiday From Hell, with added hamsters. But the hot boy in the caravan next door is some consolation. Now all Dylan has to do is get Jayden-Lee to take notice of him.

Reviewed on 23 June 2018 by Linda Wilson

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